Mobile Photography Contest


The following are the general questions and their respective answers for Photo Contest

1. Why should I upload the Photos only through the Holaray App?
Ans: The contest is for Mobile Photography. The Holaray App ensures that the photographs are taken through the mobile phone only and not from any professional cameras like Canon or Nikon etc.

2. Can I send or upload the Photos I have taken earlier, through WhatsApp or Email?
Ans: No. All photos need to be sent only through the Holaray App.

3. Can I use professional cameras like Canon, Nikon etc for taking photos?
Ans: No. Professional cameras cannot be used for taking photos.

4. Do I need to use any specific make and model of Android or iPhones?
Ans: No. You can use any mobile phone that runs on Android or IOS (iPhones).

5. What happens if my App hangs up while sending (uploading) photos?
Ans: This can happen for a variety of reasons. You might need to close and reopen the Holaray App and upload photos again.

6. How would I know if my photos are successfully uploaded or not?
Ans: You will get instant confirmation on your Holaray App regarding the status of your photos. And your photos will also be displayed along with your name and profile picture on the Fotolna website, once the photos are approved by the organiser. The photos which are following community guidelines only will be approved within 15 working days after your submission.

7. What happens if by mistake I have uploaded a wrong photo?
Ans: If the photos uploaded by you are not satisfactory for you, you can always change the photos. However once you submit the photos, you cannot re upload your photos.

8. Is it necessary that all my five photos should be approved and qualify for the prize selection?
Ans: No. The judges will choose only one among the five photos for the prize selection. Secondly you do not need to send all five photos if you do not wish to. If you wish to send only one good photo, you will still qualify for the contest.

9. I am still studying in a college / university but I am above 25 years of Age. Can I participate in the contest under the student category?
Ans: No. If you are still studying in college or university and are above 25 years of age, you will not qualify to apply under "Student Category". You can apply under "General Category".

10. Can I see who all others are participating in the contest and their photographs?
Ans: Yes. All submitted photos from different users will be published on the Fotolna website once the uploaded photos are approved by the organiser.

11. Can I cancel my account and register as a new user and participate in the contest?
Ans: Yes. It is possible but you will need to delete your account / reinstall the Holaray App and create a new user account.

12. How to contact the contest organiser in case I need some assistance?
Ans: You can send an email, or use the web form or send a request through WhatsApp. All contact details are listed in the Fotolna website

13. How many members in a family are eligible?
Ans: There is no limit. All family members who are above 12 years of age and using a mobile phone are eligible to participate.

14. Can I edit the photos and send them?
Ans: You cannot edit photos for any reason. All photos in the phone should be sent as it is. Photos uploaded by the mobile phone cannot be edited or improved for any reason.

15. Can I upload the photos through the Holaray App which I already have in my mobile phone?
Ans: Yes. You can upload the photos taken earlier. All photos need to be uploaded through the Holaray App only.

16. Can one person use different phones and send photos?
Ans: Yes. You can create multiple accounts using different phone numbers. However only one entry per user will be considered for prize selection.