Inviting Visual Story Tellers….!

Accidental Photographers

I Wonder if I would have missed a great creativity opportunity if not for my mobile phone. Latest fact is, Mobile Phones have created more Photographers in the entire history of Photography till date!

Student Photographers

My academic experiments made me a dream photographer as a digital sojourner. Whether in the classroom or the laboratory, the field, or the stage, students have the finest opportunity to capture the moments.

Amateur Photographers

Though I was an Amateur, I was taking the most beautiful and breathtaking images of my lifetime. We have the finest passion and compelling narratives of experiences all captured by the Lenses.

Professional Photographers

Mobile phones are no contest to my professional digital cameras, but with the advancements in digital capturing technologies, mobile phones have become one of my favorites for photography.


Showcase your work in some of the most prestigious photo awards around, all hosted by Fotolna. The awards are judged by the best photography experts in their field, and you get the chance to win some amazing prizes along the way.

There is NO Entry FEE for participating in the contest and the entries will be classified under two categories - General and Student. Winners of the contest will be rewarded separately under each of General and Student Categories.

No Entry Fee
Win Over $7000 USD in Prizes

Winner of first prize will receive $1000 with a certificate, winners of second prize will receive $700 with a certificate, and winners of third prize will receive $500 with a certificate. First prize will be rewarded to 1 participant, second prize will be rewarded to 2 participants, and the third prize will be rewarded to 3 participants.

1. General

  • Any Android or Apple Mobile phones can be used for uploading pictures
  • Entry Format: Single Photo or Photo Story (2 to 5 photos)
  • Any individual above 12 years of age with a valid resident proof of any country of the world. There is no upper age limit to participate in the contest.

2. Students

  • Any Android or Apple Mobile Phones can be used for uploading pictures

  • Entry Format: Single Photo or Photo Story (2 to 5 photos)
  • Students of any country currently studying in any School, College or University above 12 years and less than 25 years of age as on 30th July 2022.


World never imagined one day mobile phones would complement digital photography. With the mobile phones integrated with digital camera capabilities having become increasingly popular, the environment surrounding image-making has dramatically changed.

The contest gives a unique opportunity for accidental, student, amateur and professional photographers with their myriad imagination and creativity nurtured by technological evolution of mobile phones.

The Contest nurtures an aspirational community of creators who share important stories and influence the way people think through the global language of imaging.

Empowering Visual Creativity

We’ve built a unique photography community and photo sharing site that fosters collaboration and rewards creativity.

Through our unique set of platforms - photo contests and photo challenges, we give amateur photographers around the world the best opportunities to get connected, be creative and showcase their art.